Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mark - Super Flip Color Kit (Eyeshadow) Review

You may remember I did a review not too long ago of a fantastic Mark product: Lash All You Want Mascara. Well I was given another opportunity to review another Mark product: the Super Flip Color Kit. This review is once again thanks to Erin over at For Him and My Family.

 The box the Kit comes in.

From the get go, I was already liking this product simple because of the care they put into their packaging. Many compacts I have gotten in the past have had very poor packaging, allowing for the kit to be broken or damaged in the mail before it ever gets to me. Not so with this product. Not only did it have a thick layer of bubblewrap, but another layer of foam type padding under the bubblewrap.

After getting it out of the packaging, I was beyond thrilled to find the compact was a good size, and not overly large in the hands...and I have very tiny child hands. The compact is about the size of a tape measure, but thinner. it also has a great mirror on the front, making it that much easier for me, so I won't have to carry a hand mirror everywhere.

Now here comes the cool part; the flip. This compact has 6 eyeshadow colors on one side, and 6 lip glosses on the other. For this review, I plan on focusing on the eyeshadows.

Upon opening the compact, I was happy for the variety of colors. I tend to prefer louder colors, but these are all very great together, and I know I can use them in any occasion. I can see myself wearing these colors out on the town, working in the office, or just attending my college classes. There is also another mirror inside. The colors are from left to right, top to bottom: Glitterati, Dusk, Cushy, Pool, Java, Fairy Dust, Sepia, Piccadilly, and Edge.

In order to show the colors on real skin and not just in the palate, I have created a few swatches on my hand. All the colors are present here. The top six in the compact are more shimmery then they looked, but that's a good thing for me. I love a touch of shimmer. The bottom three in the compact are more matte.

Here's my before eye make-up.

 And my after. I have liquid eyeliner, eyeshadow, but no mascara.

In brighter, outside, light. I used Piccadilly on the corner and crease, and blended Pool into it and the rest of the lid. I think I'll call this my peacock look, as the colors remind me of a peacock. 

The colors went on very very smooth, and blended extremely well. If I had better lighting, I could have shown you how vibrant and bold the colors are. There was no flaking of color as I put it on, which is very nice when compared to other eyeshadows that always end up on my cheeks. I applied this at 8:30 am, and at 2:11 it's still just as strong and vibrant as when I put it on.

This is a wonderful product, and one I would strongly suggest! To order, please follow THIS LINK, and contact Erin about it!

Love and Lightning Bugs,
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