Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mark - Lash All You Want Review

Part of the great review package I was given by Erin over at For Him and My Family was a few of her Mark products. Mark, for those of you who don't know, is a high end cosmetics line headed by Avon. Since I'm very animal aware, and seversly against animal testing, I checked the tested on animals status before I ever opened the product. Sadly, Avon has ended it's cruelty-free campaign that was in place since 1989, so they could sell their products in China. Their Mark line however, is still cruelty-free. So I went ahead and gave this product a try.

This was the package I received, and the product as well.

Lash All You Want is a high volume mascara, which claims to instantly add 12 times the volume. It also claims to not flake, smudge, clump, as well as create fuller and longer lashes. I myself have very thin and brittle lashes, as you can see below.

You can barely see that I have lashes at all. I took this without my eye liner on, to show you just how thin they actually are. Now before I get into the results, I thought you should see the wand.

If you have sensitive eyes, this may not be the right mascara for you, since the wand is a hard wand, with long plastic bristles. Do they get the job done though? You bet! Here are my after pictures.

From straight on, you can see a huge difference from the image above. I have put on my eyeliner, though it makes little difference in the appearance in the mascara makes. My lashes have a nice dark noir color, which is the color I tested.

From below, you can really see the extension I got from this mascara.

And even more so from above.

I only used one coat on my lashes, so imagine what 2-3 coats will do. Overall I was very happy with the results, and would suggest this product to those with little to no lashes. Not only does it add length and volume, but it's a huge confidence booster to those of us who can never find a good mascara.

To purchase this product, please go HERE

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