The List

Why wait until later in life to begin accomplishing things on your bucket list? I thought I would start now!

1.) Visit Bunny Island
2.) Have one of my Photographs Published
3.) Go to a Disney Park
4.) Visit Hogwarts
5.) Adopt a Corgi
6.) Attend San Diego Comic Con
7.) Win an award for Photography
8.) Graduate College
9.) Pet a Fox
10.) Sing in Front of a Large Crowd
11.) See The Cure in Concert
12.) Meet Simon and Martina from Eat Your Kimchi
13.) Make and Wear an Arwen Cosplay
14.) Hike the Appalachian Trail
15.) Learn Archery
16.) Swim with Manatees
17.) Become a Director at Origami Owl
18.) Learn Spanish
19.) See The Spill Canvas in Concert
20.) Volunteer at an Animal Rescue
21.) Own a DSLR
22.) Visit Area 51
23.) Take a Cruise
24.) Swim in the Ocean
25.) See the Northern Lights
26.) Visit Canada
27.) Take a Trip to Scotland
28.) Visit the Redwood National Park
29.) See a Solar Eclipse
30.) Learn to Knit
31.) Party at Mardi Gras
32.) Visit the Top Ten Most Haunted Places in the US
33.) Attend the Hanami in Japan
34.) Visit Stonehenge
35.) Take a Trip to Ireland
36.) Drive a Racecar

More to come....

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