Friday, August 30, 2013

Diamonds (and Candles) are a Girls Best Friend!

As some of you know, I have allergies. Horrible, horrible, watery eyes inducing, giant chain sneezing causing, allergies. Because of this, I have to be careful of the fragrances I use, in soap, perfumes, conditioner, and of course, house hold scent products.

I haven't been able to really burn candles in my house for years, because every time I would try to, it always ended in a sneezing, coughing, and teary eyed fit. Thankfully though, I found Diamond Candle

Diamond Candle is a North Carolina based candle company, that produces 100% soy candles with a special surprise inside! Something about the wax must make this candle pretty allergen friendly, because it's one of the few candles I have ever used that doesn't make my allergies act up. Not only that, it smells AMAZING. The Orchid Meadow candle has a soft, subtle scent. It reminds me of summer nights, and long hikes, and fields full to bursting with wildflowers.

Unlike some candles, whose wax melts only in the center, Diamond candles melt all the way around! I can still remember my mother complaining about that awful ring of unburned candle all around the edge of the glass. What a waste of hard earned money! The candles also burn for far longer than the normal candle, with an average burn time of 60+ hours per 21 oz candle.

Now for the fun part...the surprise inside! Within each Diamond Candle, is a ring valued at $10, $100, $1,000, or $5,000!

It took about 12 hours of burning (1/6th of the candle) for the little gold foil envelope that held the ring, to be uncovered. Inside that gold foil, was a small clear bag, and inside that, this ring! Isn't it stunning?

Even though it's a touch too big for me, I know of a few friends I can gift it to, and I can always get another candle to find a ring that fits me better. The quality of the ring is phenomenal, though the lack of inside markings leads me to think it's a $10 ring. There has been no discoloration on my skin from it, the stones are all very securely attached, and it's a good weight. It's one of the best costume jewelry pieces I have ever seen! You can see more rings that have been unearthed on the Diamond Candle Facebook Page, and Pinterest Page.

If you just can't wait to try out Diamond Candle, why not enter below for your chance to win a 21 oz candle in any scent on their site!

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Love and Lightning Bugs,

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Everything You Never Needed to Know about Dolphins

Well, the first week of classes is only half over, and I am already tired and overtaxed in the "working my brain" department. So what did I do with 5 chapters of reading to do before tomorrow?

Look at Youtube videos of course.

I found this little gem, and am now scarred for life. I was told by a friend of mine that this whole series is sometimes shown in College classes....why? I have no fucking clue.

Seriously, it's so weird, I had to keep watching more and more and more....and then it was 6 hours later and decided that reading is overrated anyway. this. Make your friends watch this, spread the horrible, life-altering, cursed thing...I've already subjected the boyfriend, my brother, and many other female friends to it...who intern have spread it on and on, like the plague it is.

I won't tell you what it's about, but I'll give you a hint. You will never think of dolphins the same way EVER AGAIN.

Seriously, do not have your kids in the room, in the house, in the universe when you watch this.

Love and Lightning Bugs,

Monday, August 19, 2013

Weird Stuff Kids Think About

When you're a kid, you sometimes have a really weird opinion or viewpoint of the things around you. I was an especially...umm....interesting child, and my view of the world reflected that. So here's a random post about some of the weirder things I remember thinking as a kid.

I DISTINCTLY remember sitting at the dining room table as a 5 year old, eating peas, corn, and carrots. I was sitting alone in the dining room, whining about the veggie medley on my plate, when I started wondering where the hell all the food I ate went. I put down my spoon, and looked down at my feet. Then it hit me...all my food was falling into my legs. I was like a giant fucking PEZ dispenser, and the food slowly filled me up from my feet to my head. That was the only explanation! For at least a year after, I was very adamant about this fact, and didn't want to run very often, in case the food got all jostled round and came out of my ears.

When I was 3 or 4, I had a conversation with my great grandmother about why she had so many ceramic animals in her house. Her response was, "They protect the house when I'm gone!" I shit you not, for YEARS I thought they were alive and that they came alive when no one was looking. Think Toy Story, but more militant. I was sure they formed a tiny army, and were fighting wars with the spiders and outside bugs, keeping them from coming in and taking over the house.

She had a certain large white ceramic cat, and I knew he had to be the General. I imagined he donned a large green general type hat, and commanded his army of little birds and squirrels and horses. I even kept trying to catch them in the act, sneaking into dark rooms as quietly as possible, and turning on my flashlight super fast. I was so disappointed that I never caught them in the act....the sneaky bastards.

There are WAY more, but seeing as it's already nearly midnight, I'll leave this post as it is. If you want to read more stories about how messed up I was as a kid, comment below!

Love and Lightning Bugs,

Friday, August 16, 2013

Props to Portal

*DISCLAIMER* Some images and language in this post may be offensive to some readers. Please continue at your own risk.

Did you come here looking for tits and ass? Are you looking for lonely, hot, nude, gamer girls to look at?

Monday, August 12, 2013

Customizing with CafePress

If you have ever spent more than five minutes on this blog, you know I LOVE to customize everything. My electronics all have skins, my purchased clothing is often altered to better fit my style, and even my digital content has all been changed to suit my personality. I love everything I own to scream "ISABELLA!!!", however, the rest of the world doesn't usually make things to fit my needs....until I found CafePress.

Not only can you design your own t-shirt from scratch, but the customization is pretty endless! Everything from pillows, to tumblers, to handbags, and even custom hoodies!

Now, don't let that deter you by any don't have to design everything from the ground up! There are a ton of already designed items just ready and waiting for that last little bit of something that makes it just what you're looking for. For instance, how often have you thrown a party using those same tired invitations that you get at the party store? They all look the same, and you usually have to write the date, time, and any messages you want to include by hand. That can get REALLY tiring for a busy individual! Thanks to CafePress, you only have to browse their huge selection of funny birthday invitations, retirement invitations, and more, type in all the info you want, and hit enter! Voila, hours of your life have just been saved for more important a bubble bath and some red wine.

CafePress has more than just customizable items though. They have a vast amount of ready to ship items that will save you time, money, and still feel like it was made just for you! Do you have a picky child or teen who is impossible to clothes shop for? With school quickly approaching, and the need for new clothing at hand, why not skip the hours of struggle at the mall? There are hundreds of great styles in the back to school clothing section of CafePress, and with even better prices! Get clothing, supplies, and more! I plan on getting some school supplies from them myself.

If you're looking for the ultimate site to get all your gift and party shopping done, look no further than CafePress!

Love and Lightning Bugs,

Disclosure: Images included in this post were obtained from I do not claim any of these images as my own as they are owned by CafePress. I was given an incentive from CafePress in return for an honest review, which did not influence my opinion of their site. My opinions may differ from your own.