Thursday, April 26, 2012

Photo Copyrights

So, I've created another new product, and I though this might be the place to get it off the ground.

Do you post a lot of pictures on your blog? Do you get mad or upset when you see other people using your images on their blogs, or claiming them to be their own photos? Want more traffic to your blog because of your pictures? Than this might be the thing for you.

Put a signature and URL on each photo, and make sure no one steals your pictures again. Like so...

I can make these in any color, with almost any item or flourish in the background, in almost any font you can imagine. These can be put on any picture, file, or even used as a signature in forums and blogs. Below are the two I'm using right now.

I can make them as big or as small as you need, and each one is adjustable, so you can make it the right size for each use. I'm selling them for only $5.00 for the initial design, and  $3.00  for each additional color changed design you'd like. An example, $5.00 for the white one above, then $3.00 to make another in black.

If interested, please contact me at

Love and Lightning Bugs,
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