Monday, December 30, 2013

Blogger Pet Peeves

Normally, I really love being a blogger. I share a bit of my life with you, and in return, you do the same for me. I have made some amazing friendships due to blogging, and I have learned a lot of lessons from the trials of others as well. but today...well...I'm getting a little annoyed at some of the things that make blogging difficult.

For instance, the bane of my fucking existence as a blogger: Categories

I mean, I understand why they might be useful, but the majority of the blogs I read have no theme whatsoever. They're just the random things that happen to a person throughout the day, or the things that interest them, or the sarcastic and profanity laden rantings of a fellow College student. Take a look at the photo below...

Look at those "categories" you have to choose from to classify everything that you write about. If you're a Mom, well you can pick the "Mommy Blog" option, but what about the rest of us who don't just blog about one thing? Not only is picking a category crucial to getting new people to read your blog, but it also effects the kinds of companies that want to work with you. I was turned down from working with a video game company not too long ago, because my blog wasn't listed as an "entertainment" blog.

Because, we all know, I NEVER post about video games, or my newest electronic toys, or the current obsession I'm having with whatever TV show I'm watching. Yeah...never...

The other big pet peeve I have is blog stats. Well, that's a lie, it's not so much the stats themselves, as the minimum stats glass ceiling that many companies use. If you're looking for an example, check out this gem of  of an email I got today: "We have a policy of only doing reviews with sites that have a page rank of 2 or greater, I checked and you currently have a PR of one. So, once you get it at 2 or more, email me and we'll do the review."

 Here's the real translation: "Oh, I see that your PR rating isn't higher than a 1, so your blog content must be worthless, even though we never actually visited your site. We're not going to work with you until the new PR rating come out, sometime in the next six months."

via Shutterstock
It's not like I put a lot of time and effort into my posts, or spent hours staging, photographing, and editing images of the products I review. Hell, having a PR minimum wouldn't even be so bad if bloggers actually KNEW what affected our rating. But we generally don't! There's no set guidelines that tell us what makes our rating fluctuate! How the everloving FUCK am I supposed to work on something when I have no clue about what makes it work?!

Ugh...I just...I just really hate blogging some days...

Love and Lightning Bugs,

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Loving my Jolly Vox box!

A few weeks ago, I joined Influenster on a tip from a friend..and I am LOVING IT.

Every so often, I get a little email telling me I'm about to receive a box of products to test out and review, and every time I do, within a week or so, I get a box stuffed full of awesome new products I haven't tried before!

I don't normally blog about the boxes, but this particular package was just so flipping perfect for the Holiday season! Thanks Influenster of for the Jolly Vox Box!

Inside were these products:
  • Show Off Lip Lacquer (in Luna) by Rimmel London
  • HD Color Trio Eye Shadow (in Long Beach Sands) by New York Color Cosmetics
  • Ducklings Mini Rolls by Duck Tape
  • Travel pack of Puffs Plus Lotion by Puffs
  • A Box of Peanut Butter Creme filled chocolates by Skinny Cow

I loved the lip lacquer from the first second I tried it. It goes on very smooth, and keeps my lips hydrated and looking soft in the biting Kansas winds. The NYC trio is the perfect color combination for my pale skin, and happens to be a soft enough shade to look very natural as well.

I popped the Mini Duckling in my purse, and have already found myself using it! I fixed a rip in my book bag, patched a hole in my boot, hung up some flyers, and fixed my Kindle Fire HD case too! Seriously, this little roll of Duck Tape has been way more awesome than I thought it would be, and I use far more than I thought I would.

Do I even have to say how freaking perfect these were to get? I carry a packet of tissues year round...thanks allergies...and these are so soft and easy on my nose. I was using the generic ones from the Dollar Tree, and they just made my nose so sore partway through the day. Ick.

To finish off the Jolly Vox Box, there was a massive package of Skinny Cow chocolates, and they are DELICIOUS. I've torn through 3 packages already! The perfect guilt free treat on those days you don't want to leave the house...or put on shoes....or get out of bed..or comb your hair...

If you're interested in joining Influenster, and getting awesome products to try, just click on the Influenster button in my left sidebar!

Love and Lightning Bugs,

Monday, December 2, 2013

No I Don't Want Kids, Stop Treating Me Like an Idiot

Let me just start off with this: I DON'T WANT KIDS.

I never have, and it's beyond doubtful that I ever will. Some of my readers may be wondering why I feel the need to share such information, and if you want me to be honest, it's because I'm tired of hearing all the things that keep getting thrown my way when people find out my stance on children.

In fact, I thought I would collect a few of the more common things said, here for you. And why not, let's throw in some of the real batshit crazy stuff too, how about it? So, let me give you the top ten things not to say to a woman who doesn't want kids.

Photographer: Mario Testino

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Teach, Play, and Inspire, with Discovery Toys!

 Most of the parents I know worry about every aspect of their children's lives. Are they eating the right things? Are they around the right people? Are they healthy, and staying away from the sick kids at daycare or school? Are their teachers doing what is expected and educating them in a way I approve of?

However, when it comes to toys, those same parents often don't look beyond the normal selection at the toy store. Imagine what your child would be capable of in their future, with the smart, interactive, brain building toys from Discovery Toys!
Click to enlarge! These are some great deals!
Discovery Toys offers education toys for all ages, including autistic and special needs appropriate toys. Their toys and activities are quality made, with no BPA's, and come with a lifetime guarantee, and the ability to purchase replacement parts at a fraction of the cost! This statement was taken from their website:
"Our educational toys, books, CDs and games are recommended by childhood development and health care professionals to develop the fundamental building blocks necessary for creative thinking and learning success. Every item in our line is BPA Free and meets or exceeds all required safety regulations for the USA and Canada. For your assurance, we back every product with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee (with 30 days for books and CDs)"

Click to enlarge! These are some great deals!
There is still plenty of time to order before Christmas as well! If you order by December 15th, you'll receive your package in time to be wrapped and stuffed under the tree with the rest of the goodies your child is looking forward to! Did I mention that, if you book a party with Kari Robinson, you could earn half-price, or even free merchandise?

Don't hesitate to help your child's future, by giving them the educational toys they need now.

Love and Lightning Bugs,

Friday, November 15, 2013

Vintage Gifts from Mom

Sometimes, the Birthday presents that are two months late were well worth the wait! Look what my amazing mother made for me!

My mom is this stupidly talented woman, who can make intricate masterpieces out of paper. I swear to you...I have no idea how she does it. I sit there, looking at all her supplies, and I'm confused as hell as how to even glue two things together, let alone emboss and embellish my way to a freaking DiVinci piece of artistry.

For my birthday this year, the big 25, she made me a photo album that is beyond any normal photo album you will ever see in your life.

More information and photos after the jump!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Izzy Plays: Bioshock Part 1 and 2

I thought I would try my hand at a "Let's Play" type video. It was too long, so I had to split it up...let me know what you think!

Caution: I curse when I'm scared....or pretty much any time.

These are best viewed in fullscreen mode, in 1080 HD!

Love and Lightning Bugs,

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Leaf Bugs, and Spiders, and Bees, Oh My!

You know me, I LOVE zoo's and museums of any kind. Being a K-State student, I had walk and driven by the K-State Gardens ,on Denison Avenue, a thousand times. But I never took the time to stop and  have a look around the area. Thursday, I finally decided to take a couple of hours and have a little adventure.

I was beyond thrilled with what I found!

The view from the entrance. There were small fish and aquatic bugs near the base of the tree.
The K-State Gardens not only housed beautiful flowers and a butterfly area, but a small Insect Zoo as well! Walk-in visitors are charged $2 per person, seniors and military are $1.50. For $3, I could have had a guided tour by an entomologist, but since I didn't call ahead for that, it didn't happen. I paid my $4 (my boyfriend came with me), and started looking around. 

This little guy was my welcoming committee. He was very friendly! I believe he's a wolf spider.
Despite the small size of the zoo (it was housed in the old Dairy Barn), it was packed full of interesting insects and displays! There was a wall covered in pinned specimens, displaying all of the native species of Kansas. It had everything from scorpions to butterflies, pinned and protected by a glass barrier. There was a small "petting zoo" area, which I was far too scared to try. You could hold spiders, Praying Mantis, lady bugs, and more. There was a small kids area,where children could sit and watch informational movies about insects, and plush toys to play with as well.

This is a Walking Leaf,. They live from South Asia through Southeast Asia, to Australia. Leaf insects use camouflage to take on the appearance of a leaf. They do this so accurately that predators often aren't able to distinguish them from real leaves. In some species the edge of the leaf insect's body even has the appearance of bite marks. To further confuse predators, when the leaf insect walks, it rocks back and forth, to mimic a real leaf being blown by the wind. {1}
 Beyond the children's area, was a small kitchenette. It was one of the cooler things in the museum in my opinion, if not the one that freaked me out most. You could open the cabinets, drawers, fridge,etc. Inside of everything, were the little bugs that lived in your house! There were cockroaches in the sink, spiders in the drawers, fruit flies on the counter, and more. I didn't know that some of the bugs in the area were supposed to be loose, and had a massive panic attack when I saw a spider in a corner of the cabinet, munching on his lunch. Someone thought it was hilarious...I had to go look at ladybugs to catch my breath again.

This is a Dead Leaf Mantis. They mimic the look of a dead leaf, in order to blend into their surroundings and attack prey. All the mantis' were hanging from the tops of their enclosures, and seemed to enjoy being looked at. They made quite a show of spreading their limbs and wings.
There were also multiple tanks housing my least favorite insect of all time: cockroaches. There were giant hissing one's, tiny domestic ones, and the massive cave roaches I never new existed. It was nightmare inducing, haha. But once I got over the initial shock, it was really interesting to see the different types and sizes of the roaches. Once I left that area, there was a dark hallway, where cave creatures were housed. There were tunneling spiders, bird catching spiders, and even a mother scorpion and her babies that glowed blue under ultraviolet light!

Can you spot the  insect in this photograph? 
Here's a  close up of its face!  This is kind of Walking Stick Insect, which mimic the look of a branch or twig. Some look like new shoots, others look like knurled pieces of fallen limbs. They can be found in warmer climates, and even here in the US, in the Southwest States.
 Then we moved on to the aquatic and mimicry insects. This was where I had the most fun! I would spend a few minutes at each new tank, trying to find the insect hiding in its habitat. Some were easier than others, but it was a great challenge on a few! I had to ask the Entomologist on hand where to find a couple. There were Giant Katydids, bigger than my hands, as well as an assortment of mimic mantis' and a fish tank with crawdads and little aquatic insects that swam through the water almost beautifully.Not to mention the Plexiglas beehive!

The entire Zoo took 45 minutes at the most, but once we left there, it was time to walk through the massive gardens!

The Gardens were free to the public, and had wide paths all throughout. There were gardening sections, that showed off plants like cabbage, potatoes, corn, etc. There was a lovely butterfly garden, and a section for tropical and native plants as well. There was a massive fountain the center, which had benches and plenty of space to sit and enjoy the sights. Not only that, but bronze statues of wildlife dotted the entire area, allowing for a fun little game of "spot the statue".

I'm not 100% sure what this is, but it smelled divine.
Overall, I would say the Gardens and Insect Zoo at K-State were well worth the $4! If it had been a bit warmer, I could have spent hours just wandering through the Gardens and enjoying the scents. If you have kids, or just enjoy seeing something different, I couldn't recommend the Zoo more! 

You can find more information HERE, and Directions HERE

Love and Lightning Bugs,

Friday, October 18, 2013

Photography Tips: Natural Light

As bloggers, we're expected to write quality material for our readers, be it a review, a giveaway, or our own original content. But no matter how amazing our literary prowess might be, if we don't deliver a pretty or well composed image to go along with it, readers can get bored and find another blog to visit. 

Some people are natural photographers, and some people need a gentle nudge along the way, but everyone can take great photographs! I'll be posting small tutorials and tips from time to time, which will help you learn to take your photos from 'blah', to 'tada'!

Today's lesson: Natural Light!

Poor lighting is, without a doubt, one of the easiest ways to make your photos look amateur and awful. I don't want to come off as mean or bitchy...but seriously, it only takes a few extra minutes of planning to get great lighting on any photo, especially one for a product review! Many bloggers end up with images like this due to being in a hurry to get the photos taken, only taking their images at night, etc. Look at the images I posted above, and note just how orange the top one looks. That's because I have wood paneled walls in my home, and my light bulbs make my whole house have this awful yellow light. It makes all my photographs look like absolute crap. So what can you do about that? Use the flash on the camera!

WRONG. Whoever told you to use your flash, should be punched in the face. I have seen countless photos on blogs, with good composition, pretty staging, and the whole effect has been ruined because the intense light of the flash has drowned out everything. Anything that can reflect, will reflect. So not only is your image washed out with lifeless lighting, but you're simultaneously being blinded by the reflection given off by the wrapping, metal parts, etc. The flash on a camera should only be used in very specific circumstances. Think about your flash as a lethal weapon, which should be used with extreme caution and with a trained professional present.

So how can you take a good photo, quickly, without having to resort to complicated lighting systems?

Open the curtains.

Seriously, that's all I did to get the bottom photo. I opened my curtains, allowing in the natural light, and I didn't even have to move from my desk. You can take a photo inside the comfort of your own home, or outdoors. I generally take my outdoor photos between 7am-10am, and 2pm-5pm. I shoot my indoor photos when the sun is too high, between 11 am and 1pm. By doing this, your photo isn't too bright, but it isn't too dark either. Natural light creates depth within the photograph, which makes your overall product much more appealing.

Some people i have talked to think that it takes too much trouble to use natural light. Not really, it just takes a bit of planning. Even for busy mothers and women who work outside the home, you just have to think of a span of maybe 3 minutes where you can snap a few photos outdoors or inside. When the kids are napping, before work, after work, during lunchtime, etc.

I hope this has helped some of you with your own photography challenges, and please let me know if you would like to read more tips!

Love and Lightning Bugs,

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Join us in the Fight

October generally leads most people to think of fall; leaves changing color and crunching underfoot, cold mornings and warm fires, Halloween and all the fun things that go along with it, and more. October usually brings about great memories, but for some people, October means far more than the beginning of fall weather.

October is Breast Cancer awareness month, and the perfect time to show your support for all those whose lives have been touched by the disease.  From the 1st, through the 31st, I will be giving away a free Pink Ribbon charm with each Origami Owl order over $40. Just send me an e-mail with the code: PINK RIBBON to get your free charm.

With Origami Owl, you'll be able to finally achieve personal jewelry. A locket that tells your story, holds your dreams, and can remind you every time you wear it what you have overcome. If you're interested in supporting the Breast Cancer cause, please feel free to visit my shop, and build yourself the perfect locket.

Love and Lightning Bugs,

Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Few of my Favorite Things (from Cafepress)!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Cafepress, and all the products they offer. With the holidays right around the corner, and my budget dwindling, I turned back to them recently in order to get some early Christmas gifts out the way. After picking out a gift or two for everyone on my list, I found that I still had enough money to get something for myself!

Needless to say, shopping got a LOT trickier then!

After looking for what seemed like forever, I finally decided to nerd out a bit and get some geeky things, that I could use pretty often. The first thing on my list was this awesome Tardis Keychain

I don't use a lot of keys, but I have a horrible habit of losing the ones I do. This was perfect! It's heavy enough to know when i do and don't have it, but it also come apart, and allows me to hide some spare cash in it too! This way, I'll always have spare gas money in a pinch.

The second item, a GlaDoS T-Shirt, had to be shown using images from the website. This is because I have been wearing this shirt so much, that it's in the laundry, yet again. This has become one of my go-to shirts, and I can't even tell you how many awesome Portal related conversations have been started because of this shirt. I may have social anxiety, but I can nerd out with my own people with no introductions needed!

Not only is this shirt super soft, but it fits great! It's not too baggy, it's not too tight, and it's the perfect amount of comfortable you need when gaming. This same shirt is one of the blanks used on the Cafepress site, so you can get it with literally any design you want! One you design, or something like this that was designed by a fellow Cafepress user.

If you're looking for awesome gifts, at reasonable prices, I ca't recommend Cafepress enough!

Love and Lightning Bugs,

Friday, October 4, 2013

Vintage Vixens

You know, today started out sucking pretty bad. I felt like something a dog had shit out, eaten, then shit out again. My stomach was acting up, I had a headache, plus I didn't sleep that I was already in a cranky mood. Then I forgot my Kindle for class, meaning I couldn't participate in the required Top Hat bullshittery that never works half the time...which means I missed out on the participation points, so I could have just stayed at home since I didn't get a grade for today. Then in class, the teacher rambled on about the same thing we talked about Wednesday, and we never got through more than 1/3rd of a page of new notes due to her little stories, instead of actual teaching.

Needless to say, by the time I got home, I was NOT miss joy and sunshine.

Then I checked the mail, and found a small padded envelope from Dr. Steamington. If you remember, I posted about a previous mystery package that I received, which then sent me into a panic induced anxiety attack because I thought a serial killer was following me and had targeted my house. While that proved to not be the case, I wasn't exactly expecting anything further from the amazing Steampunk artisan.

While an unaccounted for and unexpected package generally sends me into a tizzy of "WHY THE FUCK IS THIS THING HERE?!?!", today, it was just what I needed.

After unwrapping the pretty little box, and carefully parting the tissue paper, I was greeted by the smiling faces of three tiny foxes, set onto an aged bronze filigree. I was in love before I even put it on. Seriously...this woman knows me so well it's fucking stupid, and I've only talked to her long enough to thank her for making the first pendant I got for my birthday.

The generosity and kindness of some people, is truly amazing.

Love and Lightning Bugs,

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I May Be Broken, But I Mean Well

Some days, my life is so difficult that I just want to cry. I don't mean that my life in general is difficult, because it's not. It's actually pretty damned amazing in most respects. What I mean is that living in my body day to day can make me so worn out mentally and physically, that I just want to fall asleep for a few years, just to feel normal for once.

I may not look too bad on the outside, but if you could see just how messed up I am inside, you would cringe and run in fear.

Not only do I have an awesome chronic disease that makes planning a meal a nightmare, but I have such debilitating anxiety problems that the only way to get by in social situation is to cling to the resident pet like it's the last life boat on the Titanic.

On a good day, I feel like a normal human being. I don't have any tummy issues, I can eat whatever I want, and I can mingle with people without spinning the ring on my finger so hard and fast that I bruise. On a bad day though, it's almost not even worth getting out of bed.

No matter what I eat, be it steamed rice and veggies, or a greasy cheeseburger, I get sick. And not just once, no...that would make being me too simple. I get sick every 10-45 minutes all day long. There are only so many times you can excuse yourself from class before you just have to pack up your stuff and not come back. Maybe if my Crohn's was a bit more predictable, this wouldn't be too much of an issue...but it's not.

I can eat something for years, and it's perfectly fine. Then one day, my guts will go NOPE, and that food is off the menu for a month, until I'm forced to try it to see if it's edible again. Generally, I can eat it again, until my guts have the same reaction, and we start the cycle all over again. Also, trying new food is pretty much out of the question. So not only does the food have a pretty good chance of making you sick all day, but it's the same thing you have eaten for years.

Tummy issues are semi-controllable, because I can plan and think ahead. The anxiety issues however, are so far beyond my control that it's painful sometimes.

I don't like crowds. I don't like parties. I don't like gatherings of more than 3 people generally. One a side note, whoever thought "small talk" was a good idea, need to be drawn and quartered, and his left over pieces fed to the fucking crows. Small talk is what gets me in trouble...generally it goes like this for me.
Stranger: So, this party is great. How do you know (person who the party is for)?

Me: *Momentary deer in the headlights look* Umm....they're friends with my friend. I'm just here for emotional support. You know, in case the zombie apocalypse starts while we're here and she has to shoot her friend in the face.

Stranger: *blank stare*

Me:  Some of us are ready, some of us are zombie h'orderves. It's the circle of life.

Stranger: So...these little bacon wraps are pretty nice.

Me: Did you know that a pig's orgasm lasts 30 minutes, or more?

Stranger: *Just turns and walks away*

My brain goes "Say something! You look crazy just standing over here by yourself. SAY SOMETHING." It's at that point, that out of the anxiety of looking like a crazy person, I end up saying the first thing that comes to mind...which is almost always a horrible horrible idea...and generally ends up making me look like a crazy person. Then I have a near panic attack over that little snafu, and suddenly word vomit comes exploding from my mouth in an attempt to save face...which leads to an even worse situation in the end.

See, this is why I can't have nice things or make new friends.

Yes, this is my dog holding my hand. Pippin loves all his people.

So in the end, I tend to just sit out of the way, clamping my mouth shut, and playing with the family pet. Because the dog doesn't care that you're a damaged person, he just wants you to scratch his belly. The cat may judge you, but he's a cat, and I've come to terms with feline snootyness. An animal is more than happy to stay with you when the room seems so small you can't breathe. They're always willing to give you a nuzzle or a kiss on the cheek when you're crying in the bathroom because you just made a fool of yourself in front of someone you may never meet again.

Like I said...some days, I really hate being me.

Love and Lightning Bugs,

Monday, September 16, 2013

Suprises from Dr. Steamington

Normally, I hate surprises. I mean, for a normal person, I'm sure they're great. but for an anxiety riddled hermit like myself, surprises tend to induce panic attacks. 

My birthday was the 5th (the big 25, whoo!), and while I had received all the gifts I thought I would get, I checked the mail to find a package in my box today. I thought, "oh, something I'm reviewing and forgot about."

Then I opened it.

Then I became so confused I just sat in the car looking at it and inspecting every piece of paper for a fucking clue as to who sent it. There was a beautiful card inside, with a vintage key stamped on the front and this cryptic little message inside, "From Your Friend". Then a lovely box, tied with green string.

The first thought that went through my mind, was I had a stalker/serial killer who was watching my house. Don't judge, if you could see the rest of my thoughts through the day, that would seem mild in comparison. 

Inside the box was a fantastic pendant, and a business card, and the detective in me immediately went to Google to look this shit up. While I did that, I posted on Facebook in a frantic haste demanding that the mystery sender come forward...which they did...and all was ok in my universe again. I started to look more closely at the shop the pendant had come from, and the more I saw, the more I loved everything about it!

Steampunk Designs by Dr Brassy Steamington turned out to be everything I would have never looked for, but secretly needed in my life. It was dark, it was whimsical, it was steamy...and utter perfection. Also, affordable. Did I mention affordable? Because it totally is. And fabulous too. Here's some info from her site.
"Steampunk Jewelry, Victorian and Gothic Jewelry and accessories - that's what I do. Welcome to DrBrassysSteampunk the home of Dr. Brassy Steamington and Sightmares Bio-Mechanical Steampunk Eyes ™ © (copyright and trademark protected). I do not use commercially produced eyes. I make them from start to finish and I am the only one doing it the "Dr Brassy" way. See Dr Brassy and her Sightmares this October 2013 in the Mythbusters/The Walking Dead, Halloween Special on Discovery Channel. "
I'm still not sure how I never came across her amazing handiwork in all my hours aimlessly surfing etsy, but today, I was thankful for surprises!

If you'd like to see more, please visit her etsy shop, or Facebook page!  

Love and Lightning Bugs,

Friday, September 13, 2013

There's a Prize Inside (Every Candle)

Like anyone else who has ever moved away from home, I can get seriously homesick sometimes. We always had several lilac bushes in my parents front and back yards, so sometimes I'll find some lilac oil and warm it, but the scent never lasts for long, and is never as strong as I would like. Not to mention the sneezing fits that often accompanies warming certain brands of oil...

But with Prize Candle, I can get that scent of home without the apocalyptic sneezing storm. Not only is the scent extremely strong (I could smell it through the package before I ever opened it!), but it's long lasting as well! I burned my candle for an hour, and the scent was still lingering in the air 20 minutes later.

Prize Candle not only smells amazing, but lives up to it's namesake; each candles comes with a prize hidden inside! On the side of your candle, you'll see a gold foil dot somewhere inside the glass container. That dot marks the place where your prize is waiting to be unearthed. It took a little over two days of burning to get my candle burned enough to get my prize out, but when I did, I was extremely happy to see what I had received!

Each piece of jewelry comes with a slip of paper, that can be used to find out the approximate value of the piece. This ring is only worth $25, but it's a very simple and elegant ring that can be worn with anything and everything. Since it's a bit big for me however, I gave the ring to my mother, who just loves it! 

If you want to give Prize Candle a try use code HEART10 for 10% off your order! 

Love and Lightning Bugs,

Monday, September 9, 2013

Pack it all with Yak Pak

Ever since I was in Elementary School, I hated backpacks. Not your typical annoyance at the thing clinging to your on I want to burn it with fire hate. You have to stop what you're doing to get anything out of it, because you have to remove it from your body. You have to dig around for a while to find what you're looking for, because very rarely do they have a good organizational tool in them. Plus, they make you look like a dilapidated turtle. 

For me, the backpack simply wasn't an option, and I gravitated early to the use of messenger bags. Not only could I get something out of my bag without stopping, but I could organize it, and fit more into it as well. I was still a bit disappointed in the quality and designs of some bags though, so I generally had to go with a plain black. That isn't exactly my style...

Thanks to Yak Pak though, I've found a bag that not only is the quality I expect from my bags, but comes in bright and vibrant colors and prints as well!

As a Senior in my last year at Kansas State, my workload is massive...and so is my supplies list. I have four textbooks, seven notebooks and folders, pencils, highlighters, a stapler, my Kindle Fire, my wallet, and various small things like lip balm and eyeliner that all have to make the trip with me to classes each day. Most bags won't be able to hold all that, let alone be comfortable to wear when stuffed full.

My Yak Pak bag, however, still has room to spare! There is one large inner chamber, with two full length pockets along the inside front. The main chamber holds all my books, notebooks, and folders perfectly. The inside pockets hold most of my pencils and pens, and the various smaller items I need them to as well. There is room for my Kindle and wallet too.

On the outside, there is a double pocket along one side, that I use to hold my most used pencils and pens, as well as a box of tissues. Seriously, I can fit a small box of tissues in this thing, and you can't even see it in the picture, can you? The larger pocket runs almost the entire height of the bag, and the smaller outer pocket is about half of that. The outside of the flap also has a zippered pouch, which allows me to take some of my O2 brochures with me as well!

Even with everything I need in the bag, I still have room. I don't even have the deluxe version, I only got the classic. Not only does it have all the room I will ever need, but it's not a flimsy or wilting bag. It's sturdy, almost stiff, and extremely well made. The bag itself is made of a kind of starched canvas material, with solid stitches, and a wide shoulder strap. The strap doesn't dig into me like most of my other bags, and I don't get tired carrying it either.

The bag is held close with four strips of velcro, and a clasp, making sure nothing is going to slip out. This bag is perfect for kids and adults alike, and I'm seriously considering never getting another brand of messenger bag again. In the two weeks I've been using this one, I've become rather spoiled to be honest.

If you like what you're seeing and reading, why not enter below to win a Yak Pak product of your own! Not only do they have bags of all kinds, but clothing, electronics, and even home items too. No matter what you're taste, you'll be able to find something you love!

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