Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Instant Art: Blue Striped Lory & Blue Mountain Lory

Do I have any followers that are bird lovers? If so, I have a gorgeous print for you! I've planned to start incorporating some of my favorite vintage prints from Natural History Books from days gone by. Photography is nice, but there is just something so beautiful about vintage artwork that can't be beaten by the best high definition camera.

This particular print comes from The illustrated book of canaries and cage-birds, British and foreign (1878). It shows a Blue Striped Lory and Blue Mountain Lory, neither of which is actually blue. But both are very charming.

I took the liberty to offer you the unaltered version, right from the book, as well as one I edited to clean it up a bit.


Edited Version

To get this great print for yourself, just click on the image to enlarge it, and hit "Save As". Once you have it, resize it, and print! I suggest Acid-Free paper if you want the print to last. This would be a beautiful print for an office, workplace, bedroom, bathroom...well...anywhere really! This gorgeous pair of Lory's will add some color and charm to any room.

Love and Lightning Bugs,
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