Monday, March 26, 2012

Music Mondays: Alex Day "Lady Godiva"

Welcome to the first installment of Music Monday! Today, I'm going to be doing my part to help a wonderful independent artist from Essex, England. His name is Alex Day, and some of you may actually know him from a fantastic band called Chameleon Circuit, which is an alternative type band who write songs about Doctor Who. As you can very well imagine, I adore them.

As I said before, Alex is currently an independent recording artist, making music for the sole purpose of wanting to make people happy with his songs. Over the Christmas season, Alex made it a goal to get his song Forever Yours to number one in the UK charts. He never made it to number one, but he did make it to forth place, as well as placing in the top ten in the US and other countries. A HUGE accomplishment for an independent artist. Well, he's setting out to do this again with his newest single, Lady Godiva.

To be able to do this, Alex needs everyone who wants to, to purchase Lady Godiva on April 1st. Not before if possible, but exactly on April Fools Day. He wants to show the world that a lone artist can make the top ten, not once, but twice! He turned down a record deal after the success of Forever Yours, because he felt that it wasn't talent that made you in Hollywood, but money. He wants to stay true to his roots and beliefs, and make music just to make people happy.

But Alex is very adamant about one thing: "Don't buy Lady Godiva if you don't love it."

Now as for the song in general, I loved it! It has a great beat, that isn't too heavy, but rather fun and lighthearted. The lyrics are much the same way, and over all the song has some fantastic energy in it. I listen to it, and I can't help but bob my head do a little dance if I'm standing. Just a great flirty song.

The Video 

If you'd like to purchase the song, you can get it at the following:

Please help support a wonderful artist!

Love and Lightning Bugs,

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