Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Lacework Bloggers!

Well, I started something the other day that has so far been great! After a bit of a misunderstanding at the beginning, the Lacework Bloggers email list is up and running!

What is Lacework Bloggers?

It's a group of blogger who all receive my daily email, that has tons of great goodies useful to bloggers! The reasoning behind creating this email was to make it easy to find all the daily info a blogger might want, in one easy place, without having to check the hundreds of different groups on Facebook all day, everyday.

What is in this daily email?

I scour the internet looking for blogger hosted giveaways ending that night, and include them. I tend to have anywhere between 15-30 giveaways per email...and I'm always looking for more to add!

There is a list of companies that work with bloggers, which I add to everyday. I'm thinking of keeping the list whole for a while, then when it gets too long, only putting on the new companies every day. I'm averaging about 4 a day right now, which is a pretty decent number for a daily email...I think so anyway.

I also have a list of blogger hosted opps, which also gets added to daily! I'm working on getting a list of paid blog posts as well.

This sounds great! How do I join?

All you have to do to be added to the daily email list, is comment below or send me a message, with an e-mail that you check most often, and I'll add you! Simple as that!

If you have a giveaway, or opp, or anything else that you would like to be added to the daily email just send me an email to Isabella_Grey@Hotmail.com

Love and Lightning Bugs,
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