Thursday, September 6, 2012

Conversations with Wild Bunnies

I had quite the visitor today! I went out to water my plants, and look who stopped by!

 "Hello human who has tamed my kin...I have come to watch you and learn the secret as to how you keep my kin inside, and controlled with an odd pink contraption when they come outside." At least, that's how I image he was talking, tee hee!

 "You brought me a carrot...I will tolerate your presence in my kingdom. But I still don't trust you. I will watch you from my favorite perch."

"What is this you have brought me? Apples? Well, perhaps you can come a bit closer. I am magnificent to look at, if I do say so myself."

 "I like you offer me the gifts I deserve as king of the kingdom of 'Front Yard'. I will permit you to lie with me in the clover bed, and take my photos up close. Perhaps I will come back, and you may offer me more gifts of delicious food."

Just a fun conversation I mentally had with this adorable little bun! He was quite regal!

Love and Lightning Bugs,
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