Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Refreshing Afternoon with Amy & Brian!

Time for another awesome Pitch List review and giveaway!

Last week, I was given the chance to try something I never would have otherwise: Amy & Brian Coconut Juice and Mangosteen Juice drinks.

I'm not normally one to try something like this, but I figured what could a bit of healthy hurt? When I signed up for this, I thought I might get a can or two...but oh no....I got two cans, of each flavor! Which means I was able to try 12 cans of yummy!

In the above photo, is half of the Coconut water I reviewed. I received the normal Coconut Water, as well as two with added pulp, and two with lime. To be honest, the flavors just weren't something I was in love with. They were ok, but since I've never had Coconut water before, it could just be a more acquired taste. I did feel better after drinking them, and stayed quenched for quite a bit longer than a normal glass of water, but as I said before, I may add some flavoring to it, until I can adjust to the taste.

I also used some of this to make a fruit smoothie, and it was so great for that! I used the one with lime, and pulp, and it added quite the boost!

Unlike the water, I was in LOVE with these Mangosteen drinks! not only were they awesome when added to smoothies, but they were so yummy on their own! It may be a bit thicker than most people are used too, but it's not too bad. I loved the one with passionfruit the most, with the goji being a close second.

These are perfect for those mornings when you forget breakfast, or those afternoon cravings that break your diet!

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DeDa Studios said...

Good suggestion to use for a afternoon snack!

Katrina said...

I'm not sure I could do coconut water because I am really not a fan of coconut. I know it's healthy though so it might be worth a try. I like that it can keep you quenched longer than plain water.

diane grubbs said...

Never heard of this before thanks for sharing

Norma Neal said...

I like the Mangosteen with the passionfruit. yum

Patty A said...

These sound delicious!

Sandra R said...

I love the Mangosteen juice! :)