Monday, July 30, 2012

Perfect Pick Me Up: Conscious Box

A few days ago, I posted a little teaser about Conscious Box, where I explained a bit about them. Here's a bit of what I said,
"Conscious Box is monthly box, mailed to your doorstep, filled with all natural, pure, and eco-friendly products. Imagine it, no matter how busy your schedule, or how long your day is, once a month you'll be getting a box of natural goodness sent to you, all for one really low price. Every month the samples change, so it's always a new and fun surprise as to what you can get!" 
I received the July Conscious Box to review, and can I just say I loved it! When I opened the shipping box, I saw this. A rather plain looking, and simple box. But this box was the first thing that let me know I was going to love this company. Not only is the box recycled, but so it the tissue paper inside, and all the inks are vegetable based. What's even better, is that Conscious Box wants you to further recycle your box, and gives you creative ways to do so; planting a flower in it, Shred it to create a base for compost, fill it with tissues, etc.

When I opened the box, I was really shocked by everything inside! I have no idea how they managed to get so much in a box of this size, but I was really impressed.

Here's a list of the awesome stuff that was inside for this month.
All Natural Face - Vegan Eye Shadow in Lemon Ice
Aura Cacia - Sweet Orange Aromatherapy Oil and Card Set
Just Great Stuff - Organic Superberry Acai Bar
Naturally It's Clean - Floor Cleaner
Jadience herbal Formulas - Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Cream
Madhava -  Organic Agave Nectar and Organic Coconut Sugar
Mighty Leaf - Calypso Mango Iced Tea
GoGo squeeZ - Apple Mango Applesauce
Tea Forte - Cherry Marzipan, Cucumber Mint, and Honey Tea
St. Claire's Organics - Tin of Peppermints
Sun Warrior - Vanilla flavored Raw Protein Drink Mix
Powbab - Pomegranate Acai Berry Superfruit Chew
Coupons for Various other All Natural and Pure Companies

Being a tea addict, I tried the Honey flavored tea from Tea Forte first, and all I can say is, "Yummm". Each tea I tried had a very pleasant flavor, and kept it, no matter how watered down the tea got.

The applesauce was in a portable, re-sealable, squeeze pouch. That alone made me a happy camper, as healthy snacks on campus are few and far between. There was a good amount of applesauce in the pouch, and it was so good! It had a great taste, and for someone who doesn't love mango, that's saying something.

Since I was in a healthy snacking mood, I tried the Just Good Stuff bar next. Since I'm used to eating all natural and vegan food from time to time, I wasn't surprised by the consistency of this bar. However, for those not used to food like this, be warned. It's a bit sticky and gooey, but it's SO worth it, as it tastes amazing. In fact everything I tasted from this box was really yummy, even the powdered drink mix, which I was pretty skeptical of at first.

Overall, I was really really impressed with the variety or products, and how great each one was. My favorite though has to be the aromatherapy oil and cards. The oil was scented so well I was shocked. You know that whiff of scent you get the moment you start peeling a fresh orange? That's the exact smell, but they bottled it for my pleasure! The cards though, are something even more amazing. It's a set of 54 cards, scented like Lavender and mint, that come in three different types of cards; Essentials, Benefits, and Formulations. The Essentials cards familiarize you with the plants that create the most familiar essential oils. the Benefits cards tell you all the different benefits each Oil can give you, and the Formulations cards give you ideas on how to mix and blend your oils for maximum potency! By far, my favorite part of this box.

Want to know more about these awesome boxes, and all that comes in them? Please check out their Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts, where you'll get updates about ways to use your empty boxes, new products, and more! And don't for get to visit their website, and order yours.

Next month will be the August 'Back to School' Conscious Box! It's going to have delicious, nutritious snacks, some great daily alternatives, and tons of other really fun stuff that everyone will enjoy, making it an AWESOME gift for all students, including K-12 and college. And yes, it's great for students and non students alike, so you can gift it to anyone! Just remember, you've got to order before the 6th of the month! This is the only legitimately healthy care package we've seen this year, and they're going fast!

I know I would appreciate one! College life takes it out of you, and something like this is the perfect pick me up.

Love and Lightning Bugs,

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