Monday, July 23, 2012

Lilla Rose Review and Giveaway

Every once in a while a product comes along that I fall totally, completely, and utterly in love with. Lilla Rose is one of those products. Having very thin and fine hair, it makes it difficult to find a hair ornament that looks pretty, and actually hold my hair up, without falling down in about two seconds. But Lilla Rose rose not only had a product that held my hair, but it looks amazing while doing so!

I got to choose among the many different products that they carry, but I was drawn to the Flexi Clips the most. After browsing through the beautiful designs, I found the perfect one; the Fancy Blossom Dangle. I got the medium size after watching the sizing video, which helps you decide what would work best for your individual hair type. The sizes range from mini, all the way to the extra long and mega.

Since I was excited to try out my new clip, I started making different hair styles that I wear commonly. For this one, I tried a simple flipped through ponytail, with the clip running through the flipped part. It's hard to get the clip straight in the back without a mirror! Since there isn't much hair in this style, I was surprised at how well it stayed in.

Next, I tried a traditional bun, with the clip holding it at the bottom, instead of over the bun. I held very very well, and was easy to put in my hair. I love the little dangles!

A simple twist was the next look to try. The loops bent with ease around the hair, and I was able to slide the pin in without an issues. The clip dressed up even my most mussy and derelict hairstyle!

Finally, I tried a quick ponytail again, but with the top half of the pony looped up. I've worn this hairstyle all day, and not only has the clip stayed, it hasn't budged! I normally suffer from headaches after having a clip of any kind in my hair for longer than an hour, but this one doesn't give me a headache at all. It's the most comfortable hair ornament I've ever had.

This is one product I could rave on an on about, and now, I'm giving you the chance to win one! Enter below to won your own Lilla Rose product!

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Did I mention that right now they're having a HUGE sale? CLEARANCE ITEMS are specially marked items with reduced pricing by at least 30% for the next 4 days. Offer starts at 12:01AM on July 25, 2012 and ends 11:59PM on July 28, 2012 Pacific Standard Time.
APPLICABLE ITEMS: 1-0490, 1-1434, 2-0288, 2-0289, 2-0523, 3-0429, 3-0541, 4-0180, 4-1425, 6-0720, 6-0930, 6-1359, 8-0318, 8-1054.

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