Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Adventure at Build-a-Bear

Today I got to do something I have wanted to do for years; go to Build-a-Bear! Ever since the store opened in my area, I have wanted to go in and make an animal, but lack of funds and a person to go with hindered me for over 5 years. Then today, a very dear friend offered to take me, and there was nothing that could stop me!

I looked over the animals in the bins, and they were all very cute, ranging in price from $10 to $30. But at the very end, wearing a World Wildlife Foundation necktag, was the one; a Fennec Fox. I looked through the pile of empty foxes, until I found the right one.

If you've known me longer than five minutes, you know I have a love of foxes that is unrivaled by almost any other animal, so this was the perfect animal for me to get. Also, $1 from the sale of him went to the WWF, so I was more than happy to help a cause I believed in return for such a great little friend!

The process at Build-a-Bear was simple enough: pick out an animal, have it stuffed, fluff it, and buy it. But it was the experience that made it worth the trip. The store has different stations to visit, with a helper at each to help you along the way. I held my fox in line, until it was my turn to have him stuffed. The helper took him, and had me hold my foot on the pedal which controlled the giant stuffing machine. She moved him all around, filling his limbs with polyfil, then his head, and finally his middle. 

Before she closed him up, she had me pick out a heart...

Make a wish, and seal it with a kiss. Being the nerdy girl I am, I wished this, "No gelin idh raid gîn, a no adel gin i chwest" Meaning, "May your paths be green and the breeze behind you" in Sindarin.

After putting the heart inside him, the helper strung him up, and it was off to the fluffing machine!

The fluffing machine looked like little showers, and when you stepped on the pedal, a burst of air came out. I ran my fox under the 'shower', and fluffed up his fur and tail.

After he was all fluffed, it was now time to find him some clothing! After all, I can't just have a naked fox.

The helper at the clothing asked if he was a boy or a girl, and offered her advice on what would look cute on him, based on what was within our price range. After looking for what seemed like an hour, I found the cutest little shirt and vest combo, and knew it would be perfect! There were matching pants and a jacket as well, but I loved the look of him in just the shirt, so why get all the other stuff?

After getting his clothing put on him, it was birth certificate time! You get to fill out a birth certificate for every animal you make, which then allows you to give it a birthday and a name. The naming part was the hardest thing, but I finally came up with Sylver.

I printed out my certificate, and went to check out. The helpers were very very kind, and super helpful, and really made the experience worthwhile! It didn't matter to them if you were 5 or 50, they wanted to help you have a fun time making your animal. I left very happy, with a new fox friend in tow., and just itching to go back again one day.

Love and Lightning Bugs,
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