Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Sally Hansen Total Knock Out VoxBox

Have you tried Influenster yet? If not, you're really missing out!

I've blogged in the past about one of my favorite boxes, and I thought I would rave about the box I received last night as well.

Influenster has partnered with Sally Henson this time, to send out three gorgeous Complete Salon Manicure polishes! Just look at those colors! The bottles themselves are a great weight, and I don't have the fear of them tipping over, like I have with the other polish bottles in my collection. The solid square base also means that they won't slide around on you when you go to re-dip your brush!

As for the brush, the brush on these polishes is absolutely luxurious. It's thicker, so it holds more polish, and the polish goes on smoother than with my other brands. Not only that, but the brush helps you paint your nails! Well, it did for me anyway. It felt like the brush was guiding the polish better than I could, and I think it's because of how thick the brush is.

The colors I was sent are just stunning in my opinion. I got Red my Lips. Pat on the Black, and Jaded. The picture above shows those colors, in that order. The Jaded is my favorite, and looks so great paired with the Pat on the Black. The polish itself hasn't chipped or rubbed off, and has a lovely sheen on it, that really draw the eye to my nails. I took my polish off, to see if my nails would be stained from the colors used, and they were flawless when I took off the polish! No staining at all! I was beyond thrilled!

Thank you again Influenster, you've managed to send another amazing box full of great goodies!

Love and Lightning Bugs,

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Becky Bittle said...

Ooh, I love that Jaded shade too! It would be great for pedi's for the bridesmaids at my daughter's wedding.