Thursday, May 31, 2012

Surprise packages and Great Friends

Everyone has those hours, days, weeks, where nothing seems to go right. You're stressed, you're on everyone's bad side, etc. Well, the last few weeks have been like that for me. Broke, pissing everyone off, and despite my best efforts, nothing has gone right for me. Then, today, I got something wonderful in the mail.

A package covered in Lisa Frank stickers, from a very wonderful friend named Heather. I don't know her as well as I would like, and I've only met her in person once, but she was so very kind, warm, and welcoming to me, and everyone who met her. She's a gem to be sure. <3 So I opened the package, and found this.

Six little presents wrapped with care, with bows on top. If that wasn't enough to make my day better, imagine my glee when I unwrapped each present, and hoards of CD's were found. Heather had taken the time to lovingly Rip and Burn a compilation of Disney and Sailor Moon CD's for me. Not only that, but she printed out the song list for each and every one, and wrote the titles on the CD's themselves. She even made me a few mixed CD's of some her favorite Disney Songs.

Sitting here, listening to the songs of my childhood, I couldn't be happier in this moment. The world really is a better place for having friends like Heather in it. 

Love and Lightning Bugs,
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