Monday, September 16, 2013

Suprises from Dr. Steamington

Normally, I hate surprises. I mean, for a normal person, I'm sure they're great. but for an anxiety riddled hermit like myself, surprises tend to induce panic attacks. 

My birthday was the 5th (the big 25, whoo!), and while I had received all the gifts I thought I would get, I checked the mail to find a package in my box today. I thought, "oh, something I'm reviewing and forgot about."

Then I opened it.

Then I became so confused I just sat in the car looking at it and inspecting every piece of paper for a fucking clue as to who sent it. There was a beautiful card inside, with a vintage key stamped on the front and this cryptic little message inside, "From Your Friend". Then a lovely box, tied with green string.

The first thought that went through my mind, was I had a stalker/serial killer who was watching my house. Don't judge, if you could see the rest of my thoughts through the day, that would seem mild in comparison. 

Inside the box was a fantastic pendant, and a business card, and the detective in me immediately went to Google to look this shit up. While I did that, I posted on Facebook in a frantic haste demanding that the mystery sender come forward...which they did...and all was ok in my universe again. I started to look more closely at the shop the pendant had come from, and the more I saw, the more I loved everything about it!

Steampunk Designs by Dr Brassy Steamington turned out to be everything I would have never looked for, but secretly needed in my life. It was dark, it was whimsical, it was steamy...and utter perfection. Also, affordable. Did I mention affordable? Because it totally is. And fabulous too. Here's some info from her site.
"Steampunk Jewelry, Victorian and Gothic Jewelry and accessories - that's what I do. Welcome to DrBrassysSteampunk the home of Dr. Brassy Steamington and Sightmares Bio-Mechanical Steampunk Eyes ™ © (copyright and trademark protected). I do not use commercially produced eyes. I make them from start to finish and I am the only one doing it the "Dr Brassy" way. See Dr Brassy and her Sightmares this October 2013 in the Mythbusters/The Walking Dead, Halloween Special on Discovery Channel. "
I'm still not sure how I never came across her amazing handiwork in all my hours aimlessly surfing etsy, but today, I was thankful for surprises!

If you'd like to see more, please visit her etsy shop, or Facebook page!  

Love and Lightning Bugs,


jesicaj1 said...

This is really pretty... and glad you found out who it came from. :-)

Dr Brassy Steamington said...

I try to Google "Dr Brassy" and "Dr Brassy Steamington", at least once a week. Mostly to catch pirates who are trying to copy my name, images or Copyright protected Sightmares Eyes. But today I Googled and I got the sweetest, profanity laced, brutally honest Valentine from you. A "Thank you" from the heart, for a gift that has now gone full circle from maker to gifter to giftee then back again.

Your time is valuable. All we have in this life, is time. Thank you for carving out a good chunk of it to shed some light on this one woman show called....Dr Brassy Designs.

To paraphrase you....connecting to people who have a "fucking clue" is awesome.

Dr Brassy

Isabella Grey said...

You're very welcome deary! Your work is awesome, and more people need to be wearing this shit!

Cheap Is The *New* Classy said...

That is very gorgeous!!!! My daughter would love that. :)