Monday, October 8, 2012

Uncommon Gifts for Extraordinary People

Have you ever searched for days, or even weeks, for that perfect gift for someone, only to come up short in the end? After an exhausting search, nothing you find seems to suit their personality, so you give up and purchase something bland and boring. Well I have a way to fix that, with Uncommon Goods!

Being a bit of an eclectic soul myself, I often times have a taste for the odd, old, dark, geeky, and artsy...which happens to mean buying a gift for me can be difficult in most instances. However, when offered the chance to review a few items from Uncommon Goods, it took me literally hours to narrow down my "want" list to only a couple of items. There were so many amazing things that caught my fancy!

This first of which was this vintage looking camera bag. 

It's called the Iconic Camera Bag, and despite it's small size, it packs a punch! It's made of durable canvas, with a great velour camera pictured on the flap. There are two large pockets on the outside of the bag, and a super comfy  strap that is used to carry it. Not only could it hold both my SLR Film Camera and my digital, it held two extra lenses, my wallet, 6 wildlife guides, my sketchbook and pencils, as well as extra batteries and memory cards. If that's not impressive, I don't know what is. It has quickly become my favorite camera bag, and I will be using it almost exclusively on my outings.

But the goodies don't end there, oh no! Did I mention they have fantastic Christmas gifts? To find some of their more unique Christmas gifts, click here.One of my absolute favorites is this unique art book, intended for all ages and drawing abilities.

In this book, it gives you everything from how to draw the fundamentals like shapes and shading, to more complex things like how to draw a bird. There are all kinds of really fun art activities in here, and they don't stop at drawing!  There are masks to be made, painting tutorials, mobiles, inkblots, color wheels, letterforms, fingerprint creatures, and so much more!

Not to mention, the great tutorials that teach you how to make your own masterpieces  based off the styles of great artists like Matisse, Mondrian, Warhol, or Pollock. This book is perfect for that budding artist, or the long time art enthusiast. I'm using it to retrain myself to draw, after years of neglecting the skill.

Looking for something a bit more manly to give that amazing guy in your life? Try their awesome gifts for men, found here. I'm sure Dad is getting a little tired of a new tie every year. While you're there check out the fun and quirky stocking stuffers here. There is something for everyone, from young to old, and it's always going to surprise and delight!

So why not try something new for the holidays, and get an uncommon gift for an extraordinary person?

Love and Lightning Bugs,
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