Thursday, October 4, 2012

All Hallows Eve: A Costume Express Review and Giveaway

It's almost time for my favorite holiday of the year; Halloween! Thanks to to the Pitch List and Costume Express, I'll be able to have a modest, and fanciful, costume to celebrate in. 

It seems like every Halloween, no matter where I spend it, I see an array of half-naked women and teens in glorified lingerie, calling it a costume. While I'm all for feeling sexy and having a good time, I have never been the type of girl to show off too much skin, not matter what occasion I may be celebrating. So when I went to look at a costume, I wasn't expecting to find too much that flattered my figure, and still offered a good amount of coverage. I looked all over the local stores in my area, and everything that I liked was either made of very poor quality materials, or was far more than I had budgeted, or both!

Thankfully, the wonderful ladies of the Pitch List helped me find an online company called Costume Express. Not only did I find a wonderful array of modest and pretty costumes, but tons of accessories, wigs, and decorations as well. After spending a good chunk of time looking through all the women's costumes, I finally narrowed it down to  two items. A circlet, and a blouse.

Since I have many other hobbies that require me to dress up in one way or another, I looked for something that could serve a dual purpose, and could be worn with other outfits I own. The blouse I picked out, the Medieval Lady Adult Blouse, was perfection! It was only $29.99, and it is extremely light and comfortable, with beautiful lace accents on the sleeves and color. It has shirring in the wrists and waist, so it fits almost all sizes, and even comes in a special plus size! It wasn't itchy at all, and  was long enough to hang to mid-thigh. It is very light, so it's a bit see-through. I wore a corset to cover myself, so that was no issue. If you don't have one, or something of the like to wear, a white tank top underneath will work just fine.

The other item I received, an Antiqued Gold and Black Circlet, fit perfectly! A circlet is a type of Celtic crown, generally worn by women. Today, most of them are no longer made of the silver and fine metals that they used to be, and are instead made of mostly chain. The Chain circlets have never fit my head right, and slip off. So I was very happy to see a bronze circlet, that was made of actual metal! It's twisted bronze wire all around, except for a small chain on the back to adjust the size. It stayed on my head very well, and was very comfortable. Unlike other circlets, it didn't turn my forehead green either. For only $12.99, it was a great deal.

Overall, I would highly recommend Costume Express to anyone looking for a fun costume, at an awesome price. Below, are some photos I took of myself wearing the blouse and circlet, enjoy!

 Do you love what you see? Then I have some great news for you, the Pitch List and Costume Express are offering a giveaway! One winner will win a  $100 costume code and another person will win a $50 Costume gift code. The giveaway will start on October 8th, so make sure to come back and enter!

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