Monday, October 22, 2012

Midwest Pet and Garden, Helping Rabbits in Need

Last February, we had a tornado bear down on our house at nine o'clock in the evening. We had no warning whatsoever, until the sirens went off. We struggled to change out of our pajamas, and into proper clothing. I gathered up my camera and laptop, stuffed a bag full of clothing and food, and some bottled water, and began to run to the cellar. The only problem? My rabbits didn't have pet carriers, so were were forced to carry their cages into the cellar. The wind was blowing about 80 mph, with straight-line winds, and heavy rain...pelting us at every step. The 100 feet from the door to the cellar was never longer.

We made it to the cellar, tired, wet, and cold. The cages were swamped with water, and my poor bunnies soaked to the bone. I did my best to dry them off, as the sirens wailed. The tornado passed, and we had only a few trees down, and some roof damage. One thing was abundantly clear though; the rabbit cages could easily cost us our lives if we had to keep carrying them down to the cellar in the middle of a storm like that. So I began looking for a good pet carrier that would be easy to use, light, and quick to load my often cantankerous bunnies into.

After almost a year of searching, I found the perfect carrier! Midwest Pet and Garden has an amazing carrier called the Petmate 2 Door Top Load Kennel, which is a must for any bunny parent looking for a simple way to load and carry your bun.

The Petmate 2 Door is an awesome pet carrier, due to one simple feature; a top loading door! Any pet parent who has a hard time getting their pet into a carrier should look into this amazing product. As I was looking for something that would be easy to use during both the day and night, I needed a kennel that would allow me to put her in without really looking or fussing with her.

There was plenty of room for her inside, and it was so simple to put together. There is even a small food dish that attaches to the front door, so she can have hay in there with her. I did a test run with the carrier, and I can have her loaded and into the cellar in 2 minutes! Not to mention how much lighter it is than her cage! It's a really sturdy carrier, with great longevity. I took Claudia outside to have a look at her carrier...

Midwest Pet and Garden was an absolute joy to work with, and has so many awesome products to choose from, for almost every animal. A couple of their best lines are the Pet Gear and Majestic Pet lines, which are chock full of great products for dogs, cats, small animals, birds, etc. If you have a pet need, be sure to check out their store!

Love and Lightning Bugs,

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