Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Rilakkuma, The Perfect Plush!

You know, no matter how old I get, I have always had a soft spot for the cute things in life.

Cute dishes (like the hoard of Bento Boxes that I own just to make sure I have the most adorable tupperware for my lunches), cute bedsheets, cute clothing, heck, even my toaster has Hello Kitty on it! So when I was pitched by Rilakkuma Shop, last week, you can bet I jumped all over that!

Rilakkuma is a Japanese character, designed by Aki Kondo, and produced by San-X since 2003. In fact, this little bear has become so popular, that's he's the fifth most well known character in Japan! He has a massive line of products, including computers, books, games, stickers, and his assortment of plushies.

In the few days I have had my Rilakkuma plush, he has quickly become one of my favorites! He is beyond soft, since he is made with a fine microfiber fabric that makes him feel like a mix between a rex rabbit, and velvet. His size also makes him perfect for a little travel buddy, but not to small that I'm afraid I'll lose him. He's just the right size for kids as well!

He is also well known for the little pouch on his back, that zips open and closed. I like to put a few spare dollars in it, but I think it could be awesome as a tooth fairy hideaway, or even a little treasure hiding place for the little ones.

Along with my plushie, I also received a little book, that explains who Rilakkuma is, as well as his back story. He has a couple of friends that are often portrayed along with him, named Korilakkuma (the small tan bear) and Kiiroitori (the chick). There are easy to understand pictures and English words, along with the Japanese kanji, so that you could begin to teach yourself or your child some basic Japanese!

 Overall, I was head over heels in LOVE with this plush! I would highly recommend one for any family looking for that perfect toy, or any person who just loves the cute things in life!

Love and Lightning Bugs,

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