Thursday, August 2, 2012

Keeping Long Distance Friends Closer

We all have those friends that live further away than we would like, and sometimes those friendships suffer because of the distance. Because let's be honest, Facebook is no way to keep a friendship alive.

Having one of my best friends living more than 2 hours away isn't easy, but we manage to hang out whenever I'm in town, which helps. Phone calls and texts sent back and forth help too. But something dawned on me last time I went shopping with her. A woman standing next to us, looking at the same rack, piped up and spoke to me, asking if I could be her friend too. It was all in jest, but I guess my comments to my friend Jolene were overheard.

I'm a very supportive friend I supposed, and whenever someone I know gets to feeling bad about themselves, I'm the first one telling them otherwise. I'm the one who says, "You don't need to change, the rest of the world just needs to learn how amazing you are." I said something similar to Jolene, and the woman overheard me. I guess supportive friends is something a lot of people lack in their lives.

Not the fake, "Oh, that top looks great on you!" friend, the real,"No, that top looks horrible, whoever thought of horizontal stripes on a plus sized girl was an idiot. We need to find something to better show off those awesome curves, and put a smile back on your pretty face!" friend. Because supportive means honest, no matter what it is about.

Since I can't always be with my bestie, I thought I would send her a care package (to be posted about later), and top it off with a handmade card. But inside the card, I put some little motivational cards that she can hang up in her house, put in her wallet, etc. Wherever she needs them for a daily pick me up. The cards say things like, "Wake up everyday, ready to kick ass and take names." and other things to remind her that she's amazing, and the world is lucky to have her.

I think sending the occasional thing like this, filled with love and friendship, really help to strengthen the bond between friends, and make a relationship even stronger across such a distance. This takes only a few minutes to make, and a few cents to send, so why not whip something up for that long distance friend, and let them know that they're still special to you?

Love and Lightning Bugs,
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