Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I Graduated...Whoopie...

Well, it's done. I've graduated College, and even though I hadn't made any friends in the 4 years I attended K-State, I somehow managed to get seated next to a fellow nerd and Whovian at the commencement, and found instant friendship.

Weird how that works, huh?

Despite the fact I have literally no fucking clue where to go from here, I can atleast say that the mind-numbing memorization and sleepless nights packed with study are over, so I guess there's that. Hopefully I can find a job somewhere close, and by close, I mean within an hour  and a half driving distance. Because living in the middle of nowhere isn't all peace and quiet, it means you pay out the ass for gas everytime you fill up.

But, I digress. I now have my Bachelor's in Animal Science thanks to the first land grant university in the country, and Gods willing, I can find employment in my field of study. because if truth be told, I would much rather spend my days with cows, instead of people.

Oh, and I guess this is the first item to cross off the List, so that's something too...

Love and Lightning Bugs,

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