Friday, August 30, 2013

Diamonds (and Candles) are a Girls Best Friend!

As some of you know, I have allergies. Horrible, horrible, watery eyes inducing, giant chain sneezing causing, allergies. Because of this, I have to be careful of the fragrances I use, in soap, perfumes, conditioner, and of course, house hold scent products.

I haven't been able to really burn candles in my house for years, because every time I would try to, it always ended in a sneezing, coughing, and teary eyed fit. Thankfully though, I found Diamond Candle

Diamond Candle is a North Carolina based candle company, that produces 100% soy candles with a special surprise inside! Something about the wax must make this candle pretty allergen friendly, because it's one of the few candles I have ever used that doesn't make my allergies act up. Not only that, it smells AMAZING. The Orchid Meadow candle has a soft, subtle scent. It reminds me of summer nights, and long hikes, and fields full to bursting with wildflowers.

Unlike some candles, whose wax melts only in the center, Diamond candles melt all the way around! I can still remember my mother complaining about that awful ring of unburned candle all around the edge of the glass. What a waste of hard earned money! The candles also burn for far longer than the normal candle, with an average burn time of 60+ hours per 21 oz candle.

Now for the fun part...the surprise inside! Within each Diamond Candle, is a ring valued at $10, $100, $1,000, or $5,000!

It took about 12 hours of burning (1/6th of the candle) for the little gold foil envelope that held the ring, to be uncovered. Inside that gold foil, was a small clear bag, and inside that, this ring! Isn't it stunning?

Even though it's a touch too big for me, I know of a few friends I can gift it to, and I can always get another candle to find a ring that fits me better. The quality of the ring is phenomenal, though the lack of inside markings leads me to think it's a $10 ring. There has been no discoloration on my skin from it, the stones are all very securely attached, and it's a good weight. It's one of the best costume jewelry pieces I have ever seen! You can see more rings that have been unearthed on the Diamond Candle Facebook Page, and Pinterest Page.

If you just can't wait to try out Diamond Candle, why not enter below for your chance to win a 21 oz candle in any scent on their site!

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