Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Game of Things: Proving Our Cats Hate Us One Answer at a Time

Some of my best memories are of my family and I, sitting around a beat up card table, laughing, yelling, throwing down our cards, and having a great emotion filled evening. We would spend hours playing together, and when I got older, those times seemed to be fewer and far between. Most of my family moved on to computer, console, and online games. While I adore playing online MMO's with thousands of other players at my fingertips, you know what I still love the most? Sitting at a table with friends, snacks, and a great board game.

I tend to be pretty picky about my board games, since Monopoly has caused week long wars in my home before, so I rarely try new ones. Thankfully, I was talked into trying The Game of Things! Not only was it really simple, but it was such a great time!

The premise of the game is to figure out what who at the table wrote the various responses to a question. You would think it would be easy, but not quite. If you have a rather nerdy and sarcastic set of friends, like I do, the responses to the questions can be really interesting!

One of my favorite cards pulled during the game was "THINGS...cats think about humans." My response was "Tyrant", but every one else came up with similar words to mean overbearing human being who squishes the wills of others. We apparently don't think our cats love us very much, if at all, haha!

The scoring on this game was really simple and the gameplay was fun, light, and thankfully no one flipped a table in anger (unlike with other games that have been played in the past *coughMonopolycough*).

I would really recommend this game for a fun night with friends and drinks, or for a family wanting some bonding time. The answers can be as racy and raunchy, or as simple and family friendly, as the people you're playing with. So step away from the computer, make some party snacks, and pull out that old card table shoved in the back of the garage...you never know what great memories you're missing out on.

Love and Lightning Bugs,


jesicaj1 said...

That does sound like a fun game, might have to give it a try. Also... I'm not a cat person so my card would probably have said "oblivious" or similar, lol.

Julia Potvin said...

Sounds like a fun game, I agree hanging out with family,food and games is fun times! My cat would say "suckers!" about us, she gets away with everything!

Hobbies on a Budget said...

I'm always looking for a new game that is actually fun AND easy to learn! I hate complicated games lol

Marieesbella said...

This game looks fun! I agree that board games with friends and family is a great way to spend quality time together!