Thursday, July 25, 2013

Good-bye Eczema; Hello Sixteen 30!

When I was 11, I was diagnosed with eczema. It sounded scary, and even more so when the doctor said I would have it my entire life, and that there wasn't any real permanent treatment. As I hit puberty, the horrible flaking skin got worse, and began to become prominent on the ONE place I was already self-conscious about: my face. The very center of my forehead, my temples, and behind my ears were all affected. I was afraid to brush the hair out of my face, and kept long bangs. I never wore a ponytail either. No lotion, cream, or ointment the doctors gave me helped, and some even made it worse!

As I aged into my 20's, it lessened, but it was still there, and I was more self-conscious than ever. When the eczema would flair up, I didn't even want to leave the house! But, two weeks or so ago, I was given the opportunity to try an amazing product that a very sweet woman makes, and I was shocked!

After only a few days of using it, the eczema was actually gone! No flairs ups, no itching, no flaking, nothing!

Sixteen 30 is a home-bound business, started by a single mother of four, with a fabulous attitude and an even better mission in life! All of her products are pure, natural and healthy, free of preservatives, colors, parabens, sulfates, or any other synthetic ingredients.

She has quite an array of products, from foot scrubs, to deodorant! She's also working on a line of baby products for that super sensitive newborn skin, without fear of harsh chemicals.  I was able to try the Dry Skin Repair Creme in Orange Vanilla and Lavender Fields.

The consistency of the creme is smooth, light, and very easy to apply. A little goes a long way as the creme absorbs quickly, leaving you feeling dry and fresh, not oily and sticky. I was able to apply the creme to my face, and immediately apply my mineral make-up! There was no caking of powder, or residue left on my brush. When I put the creme on my hands, I could pet my shedding cat right after, and none of her fur stuck on. For those of you with animals, you know how annoying that can be.

The scents are not overbearing in the slightest, and smell divine! I had a friend try the Orange Vanilla creme, and she was in love at the first whiff. If you think Bath and Body Works, smelled good, you haven't tried this stuff!

If you're looking for a completely natural body products to help your skin feel soft, smooth, and healthier than ever, than look no further! Sixteen 30 can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and if you want to buy a large jar or just get a sample, you can order from her website!

I can tell you now, I'll be using her products for a LONG time! Nothing else has ever helped my skin half as well as her scrubs, lotions, and cremes!

For my readers, Sixteen 30 is giving an exclusive discount code until August 3rd! Use code ISABELLA at checkout, and you'll receive 10% off your order (before shipping)! If you'd rather try before you buy, feel free to enter the giveaway below, for a chance to to win a sampler pack filled with all four scents of the Dry Skin Repair Cremes!
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Malia said...

I wonder if this product would work for Psoriasis? Do you know?

Hobbies on a Budget said...

Coconut Lime sounds really nice!

Jolene Gorden said...

I've already tried it, and still say that Orange Vanilla smells heavenly! :D

jody cowan said...

I love anything lavendar!

Cheap Is The *New* Classy said...

I am so glad that treated your eczema. I have heard that it is horribly difficult to treat.

Gluten Free for Jen said...

wow this sounds amazing!

Newlywed Survival said...

My sister could definitely use this... hope I win!

Alyssa McVey said...

The orange vanilla sounds great. I wish I could use lavender, but I'm allergic.