Saturday, December 22, 2012

Why I Watermark

So...I just got this in my inbox on Facebook:

"First things first, How are you? 2nd i would like to ask if you can send me all the pictures and videos you have of all the reenactments you have. That would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for bothering you with this request it is kind of urgent though and i would like them if you can by the end of next week. Also if you know anyone else who may have pictures and videos can you let me know? Thank you Isabella, od Bless and Happy Christ Mas!!"

Umm, no. No I will not. That's over 2,000 images...and you're not paying for the right to use any of them. Sadly though, this is not the first time something like this has happened, and it just keep me focused on watermarking all my publicly shared images.

As a blogger, any image I post here is considered "public". Therefore, I can't filter who sees them, and more importantly, who could steal them. So watermarking your images is as important as ever! Just to show you what I mean, I Google Image Searched one of the images on my blog.

I dragged one of the images I often use into the search bar, and up popped all the links that using that image. Thankfully, all the links were mine. But often I have GIS other images, such as those taken at reenactments, and people had stolen them, and were using them without my permission! No one wants that for their photos, especially those that may be of your children or pets. SO even though it may be a pain, and a bit time consuming, it's worth it to take a few minutes, and put your watermark across an image.

I myself made a .png file that I can simply drop onto the photo, re-size it, and save it. It saves time, but still protects the image from being easily stolen.

Above is the logo I use, and below is the logo in use on a photo. I designed it so that you have to tilt the screen, or look at the image at an angle to see it. That way If someone does steal it, I can see the watermark, while others may not.

So remember, take a few minutes and watermark your images.

Love and Lightning Bugs,
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