Sunday, December 30, 2012

Want some Free Gift Cards?

If you're like me, you look for any way you possibly can to cut the cost of items you're purchasing. One of the ways I do that is to buy off Amazon, which touts prices generally lower than that of a retail store. But do you want to get an even better deal on the items you buy from there, and other stores as well? Why not use Swagbucks to earn some free Amazon gift cards!

That's right, you can earn FREE gift cards, just by doing things you would normally do online, like searching, polls, surveys, watching videos, shopping your favorite stores, and even playing games. There are gift cards to Amazon, Wal-Mart, tons of major restaurants, and even you can turn in your points for cold hard cash.

In general the turn-in rate for points on the gift cards is as follows:
$5 GC - 450 to 500 points
$10 GC - 1,000 points
$25 GC - 2,500 points

It continues to increase by $5 for every additional 500 points. But if you're not into gift cards, why not browse the tons of other prizes as well? I've gotten posters, books, electronics, and more off of this site, all for free.

On average, I earn a $5 Amazon gift card every two days, or a $15 Amazon gift card a week. While that may not sound like much, it adds up faster than you would think. I generally only get on Swagbucks before bed, and surf for maybe an hour. I make sure to do all my "dailies" which are the NOSO and daily poll, which gives you 3 points. Then I do the daily survey offered on the main page, which gives me 60 points, and then watch all the 1 point videos offered. Most of them are under 30 seconds, and there can be up to 10 on the main page. Then, if I want more points, I play a few games, watch some short videos on Swagbucks TV, and do a few more quick surveys. All of that activity adds us pretty fast, plus, you can get extra points just for searching in their tool bar!

Not to mention, there is a daily points goal meter, and if you reach it you get extra points. So why not give it a try today, and make life a little easier with some free stuff, and free cash?

Love and Lightning Bugs,

Disclaimer: I was NOT endorsed at all by Swagbucks for this post, I just really like this site. :)
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