Friday, November 2, 2012

A New Me, and Death Photography

I was looking through my blog last night, and after reading through quite a few posts, I realized something....I couldn't even recognize myself in my own writing! None of my sarcasm, none of the creepy/geeky/weird humor that I love...nothing. it was like someone else had written my you know what...fuck it!

I'm going to starting writing for me, about things I'm interested in. I'm thinking a one-month trial run, where I cover the topics and craziness that I love, where I write like I talk, and where I can be sure to see myself in my own blog. So stick with me for a while, and get ready to seem some awesome, if not disturbing on some level, content. Well hell, why not start now?

I have a fascination with all things Victorian, as well as quite the interest in most things people consider you can see why I would be so interested in Memento Mori's, otherwise known as Postmortem photography. In these photographs, you'll see a dead person, simple as that. The person has either been staged to resemble a situation or moment in life, or has been left to look peaceful on a soft couch or in a crib.

With childhood mortality rates so high during the Victorian era, most Memento Mori's are of children and infants. Often they are posed in a bed or crib, with a favorite toy or blanket. In many cases, the Memento was the only image of a child lost too early.

Sometimes the child was posed on a couch, on seated in a chair, holding flowers. They usually were photographed wearing their best clothes.

Originally photographed alone, it soon became common for parents to pose with their children, often holding them or cradling them in their arms. The solemn looks on their faces is what really gets me. I could not be that composed in the same situation.

And then we get to the adult portraits. If a loved one was not willing to pose with the deceased, they were most times posed in what the photographer considered "lifelike"...I consider it creepy as fuck. The individual portraits are the only ones that have ever creeped me out...and you can see why.

Since when is a child corpse bride "lifelike"? No...just no. Stop it you silly Victorians...just stop it.

Love and Lightning Bugs,
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