Friday, April 13, 2012

Sailor Moon Necklace

So...some of you may know...I'm a HUGE fan of a 90's Japanese animation show called Sailor Moon. I have seen every episode, read every issue of the comic, or Manga as it's called in Japan, and even have a small merchandise collection.

While browsing some of my favorite Sailor Moon sites, all of whom are a-twitter about the 20th anniversary of the series..I found THESE...

These are perhaps the most beautiful pendants I have ever seen, not to mention the fact that they are based off the Lockets and Compacts used by Sailor Moon in the series. I'm beyond broke, so these amazing pendants are never going to be mine...but I wanted to share their beauty with my followers. Just because I can't have something, doesn't mean someone else can't have one of the best pieces of jewelry I have seen in a LONG time.

So go pre-order one of these pendants...I'll be here, super jealous. :)

Love and Lightning Bugs,

Just Another Static Heart was not paid or compensated to give this product placement. She just really loves Sailor Moon and wants to help a fellow Moonie. <3
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