Monday, August 24, 2015

Missing Childhood: Polly Pocket

I was looking through the blogverse the other day, and came across this article by Chrystal over at Yumeating, about getting rid of beloved toys that her daughter was outgrowing, and it got me thinking about the toy I miss most from MY childhood. The Original Polly Pockets.

Back in the 90's it seemed like every one of my friends had at least three or four of these freaking lockets, and the envy was real. I grew up with not a lot of money, so I never really got the newest toys, but thankfully my friends let me play with theirs, and let me tell you, I was so in love with these it was sad.

The original Polly figures weren't anything to toot your horn at, but they were tiny enough to fit in the miniscule rooms and environments held in the lockets, and that was good enough for me! I had huge adventures at my fingertips, living out everything from the dainty princess, to the happy housewife, and much more. Most of the lockets only had a couple of moving parts, if any, but that didn't limit my imagination any less. I could dance with the prince in the castle courtyard, or have tea in the sitting room, or just go to the mall like to oh so amazing teenagers I couldn't wait to grow up to be.

Look at this magical mofo! It has lights and everything! That was some advanced tech for my childhood.

 After a year or so of pining almost desperately for a Locket of my own, I was surprised one day with this freaking amazing set. The Polly Pocket Magical Mansion. I was OVER THE FREAKING MOON, and for a few more years, I did nothing but play with this set, living out dreams of fancy adulthood with the M.A.S.H husband I had decided on.

And then one day, I just didn't play with it anymore. It eventually got sold for a fraction of the price at a yard sale, and I had decided that my time with Polly was over. It's sad really, to realize you've outgrown something you so loved as a child. But here's the thing about gain the ability to once again own the toys you loved as a kid! So if anyone happens to know of someone with a Polly Pocket Locket that might be rotting away in an attic or something, let me know. I want to give it a good, and very loving home again.

Where there any toys from your childhood you would love to have again?

Love and Lightning Bugs,

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