Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shutterbug Saturday

I'm bringing Shutterbug Saturday to this blog, as I don't quite think it really belongs over at the sister blog; Confessions of a Reenactor.

Today I was browsing through my old photos, and came across this seemingly boring picture, but hh, did it touch my heart. This was taken on the first night that we had Maylene. Maylene is my gender confused, rescued, meat rabbit...who is now quite a bit bigger, and fatter. :)

We adopted Maylene from a friend who raised meat rabbits, but she loved her little rabbits so much, that it broke her heart every time she sold them off for food. So when I showed interest in possibly getting a rabbit for a pet, she was beyond thrilled! That first night, we kept Maylene in the living room, and left her alone for the most part. As you can see, she's about as big as her carrot there.

Maylene is now a 10 lb. giant who runs the Bunny 500 around our bedroom, and hates all treats except her yogurt drops and kitchen veggie scraps. She also turned out to be a he, though I don't think she really knows, or cares. We still call her a she, and still tickle her little white toes when we get the chance.

Love and Lightning Bugs,

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