Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bento Journey: Carrot Flowers Art

Well, I just finished my lunch for tomorrow, and I really have to say I'm proud of myself! I attempted a couple things I have never done, and though they may not look perfect, they will be super yummy!

I took this under some crappy light, so please forgive the awful picture. I have found that one Bento usually doesn't have quite the amount of food I need, since I'm Hypoglycemic, and have to eat pretty I got two!

In the top of my first Bento, I have some cucumber rolls. I've never made any kind of sushi roll before, and as you can see, they look rather torn and not quite together. My knife wasn't sharp enough, and I don't think my rolls were firm enough...but I ate the ends, and they were tasty!

In the bottom of the same Bento, I just have a few carrot and cucumber slices, to snack on between classes.

In the bottom of my second Bento, I have a small grilled cheese quesadilla, with sriracha sauce already cooked inside. Most of you know this as 'Rooster' or 'cock' sauce.

In the top of my second Bento, I tried to do a bit of food art...but since I've never done this before, it looks a little silly. I used the rest of my rice as a base, then used the last three cucumber slices from my rolls and placed them in the rice. I cut some carrot slices to semi resemble flowers, and put a layer of nori on top, to look like grass. Like I said, not perfect, but should be yummy!

Love and Lightning Bugs,

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