Wednesday, August 1, 2012

BlankZ; The Stuffed Animal You Can Color!

As an Animal Science Major, sometimes it's hard to remember all the species and breeds and I know to know to be effective in my field. What makes a Brangus different from a Marchigiana? There are over 800 breeds of Bovine alone, so sometimes keeping track of them can become difficult. Thankfully, I found an awesome, and fun way to study my Bovine breeds. 

It's called BlankZ, and is a colorable stuffed animal. But not only can you color on it, no, you can color it, wash it, and re-color it. For as many times as you like! This is a very unique product, which allows you pretty much endless possibilities when coloring your BlankZ animal. I received the "No Bully" BlankZ to review, and this is what he looked like in the box.

He was a very pretty pure white, which almost made me sad to color him, as I love white cattle. The special BlankZ markers were included, which was a plus, considering you have to use the BlankZ brand markers, otherwise the colors may not all come out in the wash. If you plan on using other brand washable markers, I would suggest coloring on a small part of the plush, letting it dry, and then washing it, just to see what happens.

It took me about a minute to decide to color him to look like a Black Baldy, which is one of the more common beef breeds int he cattle industry out here in Kansas. They're almost all black, with white faces, tummies, and sometimes feet. They have black spots around their eyes in most cases as well, so they look like they're wearing a white mask.

The BlankZ markers come in a pouch of five, which includes the colors, red, yellow, green, blue, and black. I put my plush on a paper towel while I colored him, as the colors do stay wet for a good while, and they will get on your hands. But a quick wash under some soapy water, and a bit of hand sanitizer, and the ink was gone. In fact, I was wearing a white shirt wen I was coloring him, got some ink on it by accident, and threw it in the wash. The ink came out, and left nothing behind to stain the shirt. So this is a GREAT toy for kids!

Now, even though BlankZ is marketed as a kids toy, I found a great use for it, and I'm 23. So I would suggest this to anyone who likes to color, or still has a pretty active inner child. My aunt is a grade school teacher, and I plan on getting her a few of these for the kids in her classroom. I let my plush dry for a full 24 hours before I handled him, just to make sure he was completely dry and touchable. I would suggest keeping him dry, as the colors could run if he were to get wet in any way. 

To wash him, just throw him in the washing machine with dark colors, or by himself. After running the machine, he should be all sparkly white again, and ready for a new color scheme. 

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