Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Himalayan Salt Lamp Review and Giveaway

I was recently given the chance to review a fantastic lamp from Himalayan Salt Shop. I've seen these lamps being sold at the State Fair, at the mall, as well as many other places...and I have always been so in love with them. So being given one to review was great for me! Now these are no ordinary lamps, mind you. 

I have pretty bad allergies in the spring and summer, and I have heard people rave about how well these have aided their allergies and asthma problems. The statement from their liturature says this:
"These wonderful products actually cleanse the air that we breathe via the same basic process as those widely advertised synthetic ionizing machines. The difference is that these products look much better and cost much less. In a nutshell, when the salt is heated from a bulb or flame, it releases negative ions in the air. Most pollutants and allergens are positively charged ions. When negative ions created from the heated salt enter the air, they bond with the positively charged ions of the pollutants and allergens thereby neutralizing them. The bonding of these negative and positive ions also cause the harmful air particles to become heavier and drop to the ground, removing them from the air circulation, which cleans the breathable air in the home. These negative ions from the heated salt lamps and candle holders also neutralize the deleterious effects of electronic devices in the home. These lamps and candle holders have also been shown to to help people with asthma, allergies, and a host of other diseases."
I received the Mini Salt Lamp, which is 4-5 pounds. Not too mini in my opinion! It's 8.5 inches tall, and 15 inches around, and right now it's on sale for $25, which I think is a steal for what you get.

Everything I needed was in the box, which was packaged fantastically. I placed it on my desk, since I spend most of time there, screwed in the light, put it inside the lamp, and plugged it in. It was set up in about a minute. As you can see from above, the light during the day is a soft glow, which just looking at make me feel better. It remind me of summer evening spent with my grandmother, not sure why though, lol.  A close up of the salt is below.

After the sun went down, the glow was even brighter, and illuminated my entire desk. I let this lamp stay on all day, and it was still cool to the touch, but I could almost smell the salt as it heated form the inside. In the two days I have had it going, my eyes have stopped their constant watering, and I've had fewer breathing issues such as coughing. Also, this may sound odd, but the flies seem to hate it. I opened the windows a few days ago, and for the life of me, I can't kill all the flies that got in. But they seem to hate this lamp, and stay away from my desk when it's on. A definite perk!

These would make fantastic gifts for anyone, from older people, to young mothers with small kids, to teens. They light up a room in the most beautiful way, and for the price, you get a product that will last seemingly forever! If you know someone who has allergy problems, or is into holistic and all natural healing, this would be perfect for them! They're super easy to clean to, as all it needs is a simple wipe down with a dry towel.

 But that's not all, I was also given the chance to have a giveaway for those wonderful lamps! Please enter the Rafflecopter form below to have a chance to win one of these great lamps!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Love and Lightning Bugs,
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