Monday, June 11, 2012

A Step Into Digital Painting

As some of you may know, I'm an artist of sorts. Nothing fancy, but I love to take pictures, and do graphic design work. Well something I came across not too long ago was digital painting, which is classified as traditional painting techniques such as watercolor, oils, impasto, etc. which are applied using digital tools by means of a computer, a digitizing tablet and stylus, and software. Being the adventurous girl I am, I decided to give it a try!

Since I've been writing stories for as long as I could hold a pencil, I thought I should try to color of my oldest and most beloved characters: Salune Norwood. I looked online for free lineart that looked like her, booted up my Photoshop, and tried my hand at this new and more difficult than I thought, form of expression.

Here's the original Lineart:

And my colored version:

It's by no means perfect, but I plan on trying to do more and improving over time. My next challenge? Another lineart that resembles Salune, but WAY more complex.

Love and Lightning Bugs,
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